“Right now, 90% of seafood harvested in the U.S. is exported. We import 80% of what we consume.”

rob and tiffiani in front of south bay wildWhen Rob and Tiffani Seitz read this statistic, they decided they couldn’t continue to participate in the fishing industry without doing their part to change it for the better. They took it upon themselves to improve supply chain problems with a direct marketing campaign, selling their catch off their boat in Morro Bay, California. Their customers responded. Thrilled at the opportunity to know their fishermen, demand for their high-quality catch soon exceeded dock sale logistics. In 2015, Rob and Tiffiani celebrated the grand opening of their own fish house, South Bay Wild

Our partnership with South Bay Wild has a special place in our hearts. We first met Rob and Tiffani through Oregon’s FisherPoets Gathering, where shared love of the stories of our work united our fishing families. As soon as their fish house doors were open, the Seitzes reached out to us, eager to bring their customers wild Alaskan salmon caught by fellow FisherPoets. 

When they received their first shipment of Nerka Sea Frozen Salmon, their response couldn’t have been more rewarding. Said Rob, “I’m thinking about nailing one of your salmon up on the wall of the fish house and renaming it an art gallery.” 

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