adrift sushi featuring nerka salmonEstablished in 2001, Adrift is a beloved Anacortes institution. “Swell food for salty dogs,” they promise. The extensive menu of Pacific Northwest fare (boasting locally sourced meats, seafood, and produce) provides memorable meals far beyond “swell,” but that motto is true to who our Adrift friends are: community-based, laid-back, fun folks who trust quality ingredients in skilled, ethical hands speak loudest. 

entrance to restaurantWe love so much about the Adrift – their nautical-themed ambiance, walls of books, and no cell phones policy; Chef Brian’s gorgeous sushi on Thursday nights, pastry chef Chelsea’s cheesecake, and server Nora’s laughter; their salmon tacos, community values, and that Tele will drive a half-hour out of her way to sate cravings for their fried egg sandwich. We love that Adrift has been choosing Nerka Sea Frozen Salmon since 2003. We love you, Adrift!